VIDEO: ‘2 Guns’ Director on His Surprising Request for Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg

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Community Corner: Bay Area Nonprofit Collects Backpacks For Kids

CBS San Francisco

MILPITAS (KCBS) – As many kids and parents prepare to go back-to-school-shopping to get ready for the new school year, there are many who just don’t have access to basic school supplies. That’s where the Family Giving Tree comes in.   Headquartered in Milpitas, this nonprofit is committed to providing backpacks filled with school supplies to those children in our communities who are most in need.

David Bratton-Kearns, Chief Operations Officer of Family Giving Tree, says the backpack and supplies each child receives will be able to help them for the entire school year.

KCBS’ Connie C. Kim talks to David Bratton-Kearns, Chief Operations Officer of Family Giving Tree:
[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”340px” download=”True” name=”Community Corner: Bay Area Nonprofit Collects Backpacks For Kids” artist=”Connie C. Kim”]

The Family Giving Tree has been around since 1990 and through their annual Back to School Drive and their Holiday Gifting Drives they have helped one…

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The Wolverine Film You’ve Been Waiting For – The Wolverine Review

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Blog


Now, like most people I was extremely excited when they decided to bring Wolverine away from the other X-Men and give him his own series of films. Wolverine is an amazing and interesting character, so naturally we all want to know how he got to be this way. Unfortunately, like most people, the origin film left me feeling nothing more than boredom. What had they done to my favourite X-men and why didn’t I care anymore?

Lucky for us all The Wolverine film is what we all wanted! We get to see a down and out Logan, who (as you’ve seen from the trailer) has lost his ability to heal. This of course makes the film far more interesting and tension filled. With a narrative taking place in Japan, the film looks beautiful and also gives us a lot of lessons in Japanese culture. Not bad huh?

My only criticism…

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Scarlett Johansson: Wind-Blown For Harper’s Bazaar

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Lost and Found

In Bad Company

The story of the hunter, Narcissus, has inspired many artists to describe the very character through their pen or canvas.  The likes of Caravaggio* and others have depicted Narcissus to be male keeping true to the original Greek myth.  This has no doubt lead many tales and stories to associate the narcissistic character with the male sex.  More modern story tellers describe the trait of Narcissus to be equally feminine.  To date,  the female representation of this trait has only been discussed by modern visionaries known as bloggers.

Just last week, in a small hotel in Paris*, the lost artwork of the female Narcissus was found.  The artist or artists remains unknown.  This believer of the narcissism trait as equally male and female was able to capture a photo.

femalenxxoo TR

*The Caravaggio painting of Narcissus (male) is found at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica in Rome, Italy.

**The artwork…

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The Character of Bond ….the real and the fantasy


“He runs while others walk,

he asks while others talk…”

these lyrics from the theme to “Thunderball” show that Bond is at once part of society and distinct from it. While other characters of spy thrillers such as Bulldog Drummond, Duckworth Drew and Hardcross Courage reside in the forgotten limbo of detectives, spies and secret agents notable only because they are absent, James Bond is a character who represents a one-in-a-million man, but in actuality is a man like any other. He crosses the boundaries between fantasy and reality, belonging to neither, yet relevant to both.

The circumstances that confront Bond dwell in the realm of fantasy. The character is ageless, kept eternally at mid-life, his world threatened every time he is involved and there is a beautiful woman or two at hand. Bond’s reaction is always spontaneous. Although he functions as a detective at times, there tends to be…

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