The Character of Bond ….the real and the fantasy


“He runs while others walk,

he asks while others talk…”

these lyrics from the theme to “Thunderball” show that Bond is at once part of society and distinct from it. While other characters of spy thrillers such as Bulldog Drummond, Duckworth Drew and Hardcross Courage reside in the forgotten limbo of detectives, spies and secret agents notable only because they are absent, James Bond is a character who represents a one-in-a-million man, but in actuality is a man like any other. He crosses the boundaries between fantasy and reality, belonging to neither, yet relevant to both.

The circumstances that confront Bond dwell in the realm of fantasy. The character is ageless, kept eternally at mid-life, his world threatened every time he is involved and there is a beautiful woman or two at hand. Bond’s reaction is always spontaneous. Although he functions as a detective at times, there tends to be…

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About cyndiiparker

I am a freelance writer and Registered Nurse residing in Southern California. I have always had a passion for writing poetry, songs, plays, and screenplays. I've decided to pick up the pen and return to my first love: writing. Some songs include Fatal Bite, Fear's Touch, and Stand Together. I am currently working on a screenplay and cannot wait until it's time to film.
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